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Fraud prevention aided by new tool from NICE Systems

fraudmagnifyingglassNICE Systems have launched a new real-time tool to help telephone answering services crack down on fraud. The new service can identify up to 90 per cent of fake calls in only a few seconds, helping call centres to begin immediate investigations and stop transactions before they have been authorised.

Identity theft has become big business, and fraudsters cost companies more than £330 billion each year. Call centres are often victimised by thieves who attempt to steal personal identities, take over accounts, and exploit both the consumer and the business. Therefore, it is essential to have preventative measures against fraud in place.

NICE’s latest solution uses their Engage Platform along with advanced real-time streaming to identify cases of fraud. Incoming calls are checked against known fraudster watch lists. If any communication is deemed a high risk, the system immediately notifies call centre agents.

NICE Enterprise Product Group’s president, Miki Migdal, said: “NICE is committed to leading the market’s adoption of real-time applications and capabilities that bring organizations significant business value. NICE Real-Time Fraud Prevention solution leverages NICE’s unique technology to deliver a solution that enables organizations to prevent fraudulent activity in real time, at the level of the contact centre interaction.”

Modern call centres need to utilise every available tool to deter fraudsters. Thanks to NICE’s new powerful tool, identifying risky calls has just become a lot easier.

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