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Forrester reveals top customer service trends

Call centres offer companies a frontline customer service, with agents directly dealing with customers every day.  This means that there must be an extremely high quality of customer service, ensuring that callers get the help they require.  Forrester has now revealed some top customer service trends for 2013, and it is important to look out for these in any telephone answering service that may be chosen for outsourcing.

As seen over the past year, the channel preference shown by customers is rapidly changing, and whilst telephone contact remains important, people are increasingly using email, web chat and social media networks.  This means that customer service must be offered with a multi-channel approach to offer consumers as many options as possible.  Likewise, mobile solutions are no longer an added extra, but have become a must-have for companies wanting to optimise their service.  Consumers now expect to be able to download applications, and not having such a tool will mean that brands do not get off to a good start.

In Forrester’s latest telecommunications survey it was also revealed that there is also more expectation regarding outbound communication.  Whilst nuisance and silent calls are a huge no-no for the industry, improving customer service by proactively informing people with updates, changes or new products is a must.


It is vital to tackle customer service head-on during 2013 to ensure that customers are able to see a brand’s high quality approach.  For those outsourcing their work to call centres and telephone answering services, ensuring that some of the top customer service trends are utilised is essential.

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