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Forget sarcasm when it comes to analytics

Call centre teamThere’s much debate about the relevance of sarcasm in the call centre environment, and many managers spend a long time trying to get their analytical tools to pinpoint it. However, no speech analytics software can effectively identify sarcasm, making it an ongoing battle to hone in on it. Because sarcasm isn’t a driver for top-line revenue or even caller sentiment, many telephone answering services would do well to forget about it and concentrate on other priorities if they want to improve agent quality and boost performance.

Even though many firms focus on sarcasm, surveys have found that its incidence is actually quite rare. It never appears in the top ten concerns from customers about agents. In fact, call scoring and accurate categories are highlighted as far better metrics for calculating agent performance or trying to increase the top-line. In addition, humans often struggle to distinguish sarcasm, which makes it very hard for software to find and identify it. This can result in a lot of time and money being spent on something that really doesn’t have much business impact.

Sarcasm is nearly impossible to identify via speech analytics, so making it the focus of software implementation is a waste of time. Instead, analyse 100 per cent of calls, score and reliably categorise conversations, and provide the feedback to agents as quickly as possible.

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