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Focussing on agents is essential for call centre success

SuccessMany telephone answering services spend a huge amount of time focussing on metrics in a bid to improve their operational efficiency. One resource that is often heavily overlooked is employees, and call centres that want to see success must focus on their agents.

One of the first steps any business focussing on staff members should take is to create a safe and comfortable environment. Call centre staff will work best in a place they feel secure, so it is vital to provide workers with the right technology and create a light and airy workplace. It is also extremely important to keep everyone well informed, and this can be done by sending email alerts regarding new initiatives and campaigns or by holding meetings. A concise break system also needs to be organised in order to keep operations running smoothly and ensure that workers are rested and relaxed.

Call centres should also aim to ensure that new and experienced agents alike remain in the loop regarding a company’s objectives. By knowing what they’re expected to produce and why it’s important to a company, workers can be far more productive and pro-active in their approach to work.

Finally, many call centres utilise a reward system to motivate their staff. However, it’s a good idea to let employees actually choose the rewards they gain. If implementing suggestions results in higher productivity and performance, it is well worth keeping such changes in place.

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