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Focussing on agent morale can increase call centre performance

Smiley FaceThere’s an old saying that a business is only as good as its staff, and this is certainly true for call centres. In order to operate efficiently and effectively, telephone answering services have to have high quality personnel on their frontline. Agents who know how to deal with consumers in a positive way need to be front and centre. To get the best from staff, it is important for companies to boost morale. When workers are kept in high spirits, their positivity flows to consumers.

There are a number of different methods to boost morale passively as well as actively. For example, increasing the comfort of the workplace can be a passive way to naturally boost people’s mood. Putting colour on the walls takes away the stark and surgical look of a place, making it more homely. Meanwhile, ensuring that the break room is a fun area to relax in is crucial. The best rest spaces include sofas, chairs, Wi-Fi for personal use, and even a pool table or television.

In addition to improving the working environment, active steps can be taken to engage with agents. Weekly fruit deliveries can increase people’s opinions of their employer as well as their health. Surprise treats can be given out from time to time, whilst subsidised memberships to gyms or help with travel costs can ensure people feel valued. Finally, making sure a clear and concise career path is available to agents will show them that they can forge a future in the call centre industry instead of jumping ship for another job.

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