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Focus on results for remote worker management

A close-up side-face portrait of a young agent of call centreNumerous call centres and businesses around the world are increasingly depending on remote workers. For some firms, employee numbers are bolstered by agents working from home. For others, the organisation relies on a virtual office to host its entire workforce. Managing people in this way can be tricky, and it is important to focus on results rather than presence for the best success.

Several important findings came out of 2016, including the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology’s discovery that virtual team management was a skill leading the top workplace trends. Meanwhile, it was found that almost half of all jobs in the US could be conducted remotely. With trends moving toward increased flexibility when it comes to where people work, it is vital to understand management methods.

Tricia Sciortino, an expert in the area of virtual offices, says that executives should focus on setting clear, measurable goals instead of being concerned about the presence of remote workers. This is particularly true in cases where agents, such as those working for telephone answering services, do not need to be actively logged on. Here, management should focus on accuracy, quality, responsiveness and collaborative performance.

Even though some businesses might be concerned about how they will measure success, it is identified in the same way. For example, performance and productivity are still major success factors for both traditional and virtual offices. Physical presence is no guarantee of high performance levels.

Overall, executives challenged by the prospect of remote working should focus on ensuring that their workers are fulfilling the KPIs placed on a traditional workforce.

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