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Focus on consumers by undertaking their journey

Call centre agentsCustomer journeys are discussed a lot, but how many executives actually sit down and contact their own call centre? By doing this, decision-makers can quickly identify any potential problems in the journey, helping to alleviate customer complaints and develop a more seamless progression for callers.

In a consumer-focussed world, it is essential that telephone answering services focus not only on points of contact, but the customer journey as a whole. If it is too long or complex, people will get lost along the way. Current customers can get frustrated, whilst new business might end up going elsewhere.

After marketing strategies have been drawn up and agents have been trained in the new processes, experiencing the process first-hand is important. During the call, managers should record how many transfers occur before an issue can be solved. Ideally, one agent should be able to handle every query, so a lower number of transfers is generally better.

It is also important to experience the Net Promoter Score (NPS) process in action. NPS is used by marketers to indicate how likely a customer is to recommend a business. This can theoretically give an idea of growth potential. One of the most important aspects for boosting NPS for any brand is their call centre, with friendly and efficient agents being an essential component. After undergoing the customer journey, managers need to ask themselves if they would recommend the business based on their experience.

By taking the time to actually follow the same path their customers do, businesses can identify an array of positives and negatives about their company. This data can then be used to improve customer services.

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