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Focus on benefits, not features when upselling

Call center agentEven though many call centres focus predominantly on resolving consumer queries, it is not uncommon for agents to also be tasked with upselling. When done badly, this can negatively affect the consumer experience and provide no help to consumers at all. However, by focussing on the benefits of an additional product or service instead of the features, employees can not only enhance the customer experience but sell whilst they are at it.

One of the biggest ways to boost telephone answering services sales success is to pay attention to the way in which products and services are showcased. Whilst consumers are interested in the features of their purchase, the real value lies in the benefits that the items can bring to their lives. It is extremely important to build an emotional relationship to products or services so that customers understand how they might make life easier or more enjoyable. For example, adding air conditioning to a vehicle might be a hard sell, but suggesting it will keep children cooler during the summer holidays instantly implies added value.

As a result, it is important for call centres to educate their agents fully on the products and services being offered, not only in terms of the features themselves but also how they might affect people’s everyday lives. Customers are also more likely to listen to agents who show enthusiasm.

Life Coach Steve Ashcroft says: “If you sound flat and uninterested, your customer will pick up on the negative vibe. Be upbeat but not over the top, and make sure your customer can feel the words you say.”

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