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Fizzback update offers increased ease of use

Customer RepresentativeNICE has revealed that it has updated the Fizzback app, providing users with an even better and simpler way to respond to customer feedback. Providing optimised and positive customer care is vital for call centres, and the latest version of the software could save time and give consumer services a boost in the right direction.

Fizzback is a real-time data solution that supports companies and provides the right care by analysing Voice of the Customer (VoC) information. The latest version was built from user feedback, which means that telephone answering services can be sure the tool is getting an informed update.

Fizzback offers a variety of self-service functions, and users can modify polling schedules, SMS surveys and emails to get the best feedback possible from their customers. This means that customer responses can continually be tested, and organisations can make tweaks to ensure they are getting the right information. Alerts can also be created and adjusted for specific customer audiences. As a result, call centre agents and businesses can better understand the needs of various consumer groups.

NICE Enterprise Product Group’s president, Miki Migdal, said: “Working with our clients through the NICE User Group, we believe the set of features developed for the latest Fizzback release will provide them with great value. This includes placing greater control in the hands of the client, faster changes to the system, and a lower total cost of ownership.”

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