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Fix customer services by eradicating repetition

Friendly customer service consultants workingOne of the most important aspects of running a modern call centre is providing a great customer experience. Whilst most inbound traffic will expect a fast and efficient response to enquiries, it is also essential to provide optimised experiences. Despite many telephone answering services revolutionising their services, a lot of callers still feel a sense of dread when they have to contact a call centre, so it is vital that they are met with a fantastic response. One way to achieve this is to ensure that repetition is completely eradicated.

The omnichannel and multichannel approach to customer services is now widely used by many companies. Even though this offers a lot more flexibility for consumers, it does pose the risk of repetition. For people switching between channels halfway through a problem, a lack of continuity can be common, resulting in callers having to continually re-enter data into a web form or repeat their problem to a call centre agent. Not only is this time-consuming, but it is an inefficient use of time for both the customer and the company.

Luckily, modern technology offers an easy solution to this problem. Contextual data should be made available to call centre agents at all times, allowing them to draw on historical information to streamline the call. This can also provide a way to solve enquiries and problems as quickly as possible because previous data is already known.

By eradicating repetition from a call centre, agents can have more time to deal with customer care and better journeys and experiences can be offered to customers, helping to increase positive branding and loyalty.

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