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Five ways to improve call centre agent performance

SuccessIn the call centre, business can only be as good as its staff. Agents are the customer services frontline, and they can often make or break a company’s branding. Therefore, it is essential to have a workforce on board. If telephone answering services are looking into improving agent performance, there are five simple ways to start off on the right foot.

First, it is important for agents to set their own goals because they will often strive harder to meet them. Setting successful signup or call volume targets for call centre workers often causes a lot of stress as people struggle to meet their goals. However, by implementing a system where agents help create their own targets, better results can be noted.

Second, it is important to allow agents to listen to live customer feedback. This can really improve an agent’s attention to detail and spotlight where improvements can be made.

Working through this process together and allowing agents to implement their own ideas for development can be an efficient way to tackle this problem.

Providing best practice shout-outs in the workplace can also be a good motivator, both for those who have achieved top quality and those learning from the accolade.
Finally, it can be a very good idea for managers to share their own performance levels and experiences. By openly evaluating top-level efficiencies, managers create a transparent environment where everyone can learn from one another.

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