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Five tips for ensuring webchat runs smoothly

3D Tips Block Text  on whiteAny time that call centres begin to work in a new area, there are bound to be some difficulties. Over the past few years, telephone answering services have been deluged with the need to expand their communication tools and move beyond email and phone conversations. As a result, social media and webchat are now widely used. For companies using the latter, there are a few important tips to help get things up and running efficiently in no time.

First, it is important to recognise that not all agents are good at webchat. Whilst it is important to rotate staff so they are trained in all areas, a keen eye should be kept on those who perform better at webchat. Many people don’t actually like speaking on the phone and are far better suited to instant message chatting using webchat tools.

The other points concern the use of webchat itself. One of the best times to offer webchat is when call volumes are predicted to be low, and this is particularly relevant for companies with small agent teams that can’t have a dedicated webchat division. There should also be options for customers to ask for a call back if no webchat agent is available. In addition, self-service features should be advertised first to let people know that they can help themselves.

Finally, for companies noting an unusually high volume of webchat, it is important to identify the reasons. It could be that there is a website problem rather than hoards of consumers who want to chat by instant message.

By following these tips, call centres can get their webchat working in no time, allowing consumers to get a better service than ever.

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