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First impressions vital for call centres

In call centres, making a great first impression is vital. From the moment a caller picks up the phone, the service they receive should be exceptional. It is not always possible to create a positive experience, especially if consumers are contacting telephone answering services with a complaint. However, there are several easy steps to implement to make good first impressions.

One of the most important things to do in call centres, particularly those that experience longer queue times, is to invest in professionally recorded announcements. The quality of a message and the actual content it provides can heavily influence a caller’s mood, so this must be done correctly. Keeping consumers updated on their queue number is essential as is providing alternative contact solutions for customers to use.

In addition to offering a live agent chat service, providing people with a self-service menu can help create a good first impression. Many people will want to speak to an agent, but some might not have realised that they can help themselves. Alerting people to this fact early on is important to save time. In addition, providing callers with a way to request a callback can be a great step in improving customer satisfaction.

Other top call centre tips to create optimum first impressions include ensuring there is consistency across departments, offering a personalised service and using post-call questionnaires to gather feedback. By putting these methods into effect, companies ensure they are always striving to better themselves.

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