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First-call resolution expected by majority of consumers

A new survey has found that the majority of consumers expect to have their problem resolved within one phone call.  In the report, it was discovered that 72% of people wanted to make just a single call, in order to have their query answered or their problem fixed.  This high expectation from consumers means that call centres must strive to get first-call resolution (FCR) rates as high as possible if they are to keep customers satisfied.

As part of the study, customers were questioned on what made them happy.  Coming close behind FCR, was the need to talk to friendly and polite agents, with 71% of people expecting this service.  Meanwhile, 48% of callers demand short queuing times, whilst 29% of people do not want their calls to be transferred.  Finally, those who want short IVR menu option, short call times and long opening hours, were measured at 23%, 12% and 10% respectively.

None of the findings should shock those running telephone answering services.  However, the results clearly show the need to stay on top of customer service and ensure that call centres are operating as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.  It is also vital to bear the customer experience in mind at all times.  With 2014 having now truly begun, companies will need to strive for good customer care and take FCR rates and agent politeness into particular consideration.

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