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Fire up automation with latest NICE upgrade

Call centre agentsNICE Systems has announced that the latest Engage Platform upgrade will enable better automation and usability, helping companies to maximise productivity. New features, such as intelligent automated scoring, DIY system management tools, data extraction options, and one-click interaction management, mean that call centre agents can keep their focus on the customer at all times instead of being drawn out of the conversation because of poor software interfaces.

With telephone answering services needing to engage with consumers more consistently, it is important that agents have the tools at their disposal to offer optimised care. With the latest Engage Platform update, users can search and act on interactions across many channels. In addition, these interactions can be shared and saved for compliance. Automatic insights can help improve the evaluation process and boost quality management. An Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) is also available, capturing data from numerous channels.

NICE Enterprise Product Group President Miki Migdal said: “Today it’s all about the customer. Organisations must be able to provide customers the service they need with the utmost ease and efficiency. We are proud to launch the new version of our Engage Platform, which gives organisations the ability to do so.”

Other additions included in the update are an improved auto-discovery tool for use with Interaction Analytics, a Playback Portal that enables voice interactions to be played without having to upgrade or migrate databases, and an enterprise-grade suite tailored for small and medium enterprise (SME) use. For call centres, the new package should allow more precision than ever.

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