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Fire Brigades Share Emergency Call Centre

Two fire brigades in Staffordshire and the West Midlands will share a call centre.

Emergency services have always needed call centres to handle the emergency calls. The staff members handling these call centres are experts in their field. Usually there is extensive training for these individuals in order to help anyone who calls with an emergency. It takes a special person to work in these call centres due to the stress and high volume of calls the centres see. The counties decided that it would be in the best interest of residents to combine the two call centres into one region in order to provide telephone answering services.

A project to set up a larger fire control centre was ended in 2010, but the two counties have decided that they can at least consolidate the call centres they have into one. Spokesmen for the call centres told media that they need to bring real improvements to the organisation and they feel combining the centre will do that, especially with better resource planning.

Fire call centres are a specialised service and there are other outsourcing options for call centres across a variety of industries that can also be specialised. No matter what your industry, you can find savings with outsourcing and also properly trained staff members for your needs. Even a retail company can benefit from a call centre to handle sales, new promotions, marketing or complaints. Emergency call centres are just one type of call centre that have proved very helpful.

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