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Finding Value in Call Centres

The kind of value call centres can provide matters to your business.

Managing your call centre relationship is important. It can take a lot of effort and expense to cultivate the right call centre relationship for your company. You want to ensure your company board members or yourself as the owner are definitely getting value for money. To do so you need to consider many aspects of the service and focus on more than just lowering costs.

Current research shows many companies go with telephone answering services in order to reduce costs. In fact, roughly 48% of businesses seeking call centres do so in order to make savings. Only 17% seek to focus on core functions in their business and 13% look at more variable costs. Some businesses (about 9%) focus on the needed skills required for their company to improve and grow. It was also found that 3% of businesses focus on innovation or improving quality.

Each of the percentage topics mentioned should be important to your outsourcing relationship. You do need to look beyond reducing costs in order to make using a call centre of true value to you. You need to focus on the core options and especially focus on improving quality. One of the biggest issues against outsourcing is the suggestion that quality is lacking. Companies who really want to make a difference can focus on improving the quality they offer customers by looking towards English speaking call centres (such as those based in the UK, South Africa or the Philippines), where these improvements can be found.

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