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Find success by giving agents the best data

Data Circuit Borad Technology Futuristic Information ConceptModern call centres are tasked with providing an excellent consumer experience regardless of the channel through which they are contacted. This can be extremely difficult, especially if agents are not provided with the right information. People can quickly become frustrated when they are treated as just another faceless customer, and they expect far more from brands in the digital era than they once did. To help telephone answering services agents meet demands, they must have the right data.

Data can be a powerful tool, and when it is harnessed correctly, it can arm call centre agents with all they need to know to provide excellent customer service. In fact, a recent study by Qlik found that enabling financial services staff to access more data helped customer satisfaction and revenue go up. In addition, churn fell. It was agreed by 83 per cent of the financial firms questioned that if consumer and financial data was leveraged correctly, they could actually boost revenue by a minimum of 5 per cent.

Making data more accessible has its challenges, however. Only about half of those questioned by Qlik said they fully understood which data sets should go to which employee. For the most part, this is where modern technology can help. Information can be shuffled into the right places so that agents are able to access customer preferences, history and profiles. This enables call centre staff to offer better customer services and allows individuals to feel more valued and productive in their roles.

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