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Find a call centre that operates within the law

Recent incidents in the world of telemarketing have demonstrated just how important it is for businesses to find the right call centre partner.  A telemarketing firm was recently involved in a dispute with a businessman who had finally had enough of unsolicited calls.  He won his case after it was discovered that despite his registration with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) the company had not bothered to compare their client list with the register held by the TPS.

This is a situation that is fairly commonplace but will not help the business at the end of the day because the calls are not wanted.  Finding a call centre operator who respects the wishes of those who have taken the time to register with the TPS is a relatively easy task as ethical methods of working are essential for those centres that are the most successful.

Those companies that carry out tasks other than a telephone answering service, such as telemarketing, are obliged by law to screen any contacts against the register at the TPS as it is against the law to contact those who have registered their details in this way.  Businesses using call centres need to be sure that they are working within the law as it is the person that has requested that the call is made that is legally responsible for it.  For peace of mind choose a call centre that has a strong customer service policy and clear procedures in place.

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