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Financial services call centres failing in customer services

A new report has shown that UK individuals rate the customer care they receive from financial services as some of the worst.  The data shows, once again, just how important it is for call centres to optimise their service levels and ensure callers are satisfied.

Aspect Software, one of the leading providers of software to telephone answering services, found that only 17% of those questioned believe that financial providers, such as credit card services, banks and building societies, provide the highest levels of customer care.  Just 1% of individuals recalled good service from loan providers, whilst 13% recollected a good experience with a building society or bank.

The company’s Senior Vice President for Europe and Africa, Mark King, said: “With pressure on consumers’ wallets and the bottom line, both providers and customers want to get more, for less, especially within the financial services sector.  The key to achieving this lies in maintaining consistently high levels of customer satisfaction, and loyalty.”  Other findings from the poll showed that 11% of people would not use social media channels to contact their bank, whilst for loan providers this fell to 3%.

The latest survey has highlighted just how important customer service levels are to consumers.  Providing high quality agents in call centres is essential if continued good care is to be given, allowing consumers to have a positive experience and feel valued as a client.

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