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Features to look for in a call centre

With so many call centres available it is important to think about what makes a good call centre and the type of features that a business should look for if they want to outsource their customer service.

Small teams are a must.  If it is simply a message taking service then it is often a virtual PA that will be dealing with it, which allows the business to build a rapport.  For more varied customer service it should be a small team that deals with the calls each day.  Teams should have their own clients that will also help them to offer good quality customer service.  Staff members should be happy, and this is the case when they work in a comfortable and relaxing work environment.

The standard of account management at a telephone answering service is important.  The account manager should be part of the team so that they always know what is happening and can gather feedback from customers and agents at the same time.  Feedback can be passed back to the client in real time and this can make a difference to the longer term customer service needs of the client.

Why not opt for a call centre that has a proven track record in customer service?  Not every call centre has won awards but when a business creates a partnership with one that has been recognised for their achievements in call centre design, leadership and customer service standards then this will have a long term positive effect on business.

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