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Features of successful call centres

A recent survey of successful call centres has discovered that there are a number of features that they have in common and potential clients should be looking at these features when deciding on a telephone answering service.

The first feature is that a successful call centre is able to build trust with the client.  With an atmosphere of openness it is easier to entrust a call centre with the customer service of a company.  It is also important to recognise that feedback will play a large part in success.  Most call centres have a process for capturing client and customer feedback in order to use this to make improvements.  If this process works well then clients should notice a continual improvement process in place.  It can also help with the issue of trust as clients and customers then feel as though they are being listened to.

Training is also essential for any company that offers a telephone answering service.  The different types of training that are available are one way of making the customer feel comfortable as calls are less likely to be passed from pillar to post.  Investment in the staff can also help to make it a great place to work and happy staff will be obvious to the person who has made the call.  Simply answering the phone is not enough – call centres need to be able to demonstrate that every aspect of their business is strong.

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