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FCR should be measured from first point of contact

Headset, Telecommunications,In the call centre, there are many ways to measure First Contact Resolution (FCR). One of the best options is to ensure that conversations are tracked from the point of initial contact, allowing the overall client flow to be analysed. Failure to do this can cause crucial indicators to be missed or incorrectly categorised.

In many telephone answering services, FCR is often only measured from the point at which a consumer phoned and managed to speak to an agent. However, the true measure of FCR needs to begin with the initial point of contact. For example, the first time consumers actually try to contact a company could be when they are closed or when lines are busy. This means that they have to call back. Alternatively, individuals might not give agents enough personal details on their first phone call. This means that if they call again, they are tracked as a new contact rather than a repeat caller.

By not attempting to measure these instances, call centres run the risk of classing these call attempts as undue customer effort and not FCR. This means that an overall view of FCR cannot be achieved. By capturing all customer data from the moment someone picks up the phone, a better transparency of true FCR can be gained, enabling teams and companies to change procedures and improve consumer care.

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