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Extrovert call centre agents can help convert sales

Most call centres, even if they are offering a telephone answering service, will undertake some form of selling. Whilst some companies cold call to let consumers know about new products and services, customer care lines often involve the process of upselling. For those companies wanting to maximise call conversions, having agents who are extroverts can work in their favour.

Despite many companies addressing call length and trying to reduce call time as much as possible, it is a general case in the industry that longer calls are more effective at closing sales. Agents who are able to keep an individual’s attention are more likely to gain the trust of the caller, and are therefore better at converting call traffic into sales.

Finding extroverts may not be a priority in hiring, but having individuals who have extrovert traits is often good for business. These people are ambitious, enthusiastic and sociable, meaning that they can talk to anyone with confidence. They are able to build up rapport with people quickly without being overly friendly or intrusive. This makes such individuals the ideal candidates for talking on telephone answering services and helping consumers.

Whilst maximising the number of calls and reducing call length is important, it is also vital to ensure that conversion rates are high. For call centres trying to upsell, utilising extroverts to man the lines can be very effective.

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