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Expert reveals why call centre positions are great jobs

Call centres are often represented quite negatively, and it is frequently the case that people see telephone answering services jobs as a poor substitute for other positions.  However, with it being vital for call centres to ensure that they have great staff to man the phones and deal with enquiries, one expert has revealed why she would be happy for her children to work in such an environment.

Talking of her own family, Carolyn Blunt explained that there were a number of reasons why she would be happy for her children to work in a call centre.  “My kids are currently 7 and 4 and they want to be an author and a power ranger when they grow up.  But, if that eludes them, these 5 skills that they would need to learn to succeed in this industry are why I would be more than happy for them to work alongside almost 4% of the UK employed population in a call centre…”

Communication is an essential skill required as an agent, and allows conversations to flow between customer and agent in a positive manner.  People skills are also important, Ms Blunt explained, saying that finding common ground with callers was vital to excel in call centre roles.  Finding the positives in a situation is important, and helps to cool down frustrated consumers.

In addition to dealing with consumers, having the tenacity to keep making calls and be self-disciplined is an important skill to have, whilst being a team player and interacting in a positive way with colleagues is a must.  Finally, looking at a call centre job as a way to connect with people around the world can be a positive spin and push job satisfaction through the roof.

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