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Expert busts common customer satisfaction myths

It is vital for modern call centres to ensure that customer satisfaction is as high as possible. However, over the years, certain trends have crept into normal telephone answering services practice that could actually be resulting in poor customer satisfaction without executives realising it.

Talking about the common myths in the call centre industry, expert Mike Hutchison explained a few errors often made by company executives. One of the most common beliefs is that if a firm is conducting surveys, they have their finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction. However, this is far from true, says Mr Hutchison. Surveys can be extremely skewed, particularly if they are taken from a small and biased group of people. In addition, whilst surveys provide a consumer experience, they rarely reveal why positive or negative scores have been produced, making it hard to fix problems.

Another common myth is that a lot of executives think the control of consumer satisfaction is in their agents’ hands. A lot of factors that cause customer dissatisfaction are outside an agent’s control, however. Technical issues, poor phone menu and queuing services, and cross-departmental errors must be fixed at the higher, executive level.

Finally, Mr Hutchison also explained that First Call Resolution (FCR), although relied heavily upon by many call centres, is not the only metric to customer satisfaction. It does not represent the effort put in by customers, which is one of the major components of satisfaction scores.

For call centres that want to optimise their customer satisfaction rates, it is vital to look at the common myths involved in the sector and ensure that they are not going about things in entirely the wrong way.

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