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Experienced agents are vital for call centres

Calling a customer care line can be extremely frustrating, especially when it becomes quickly apparent that the caller knows more about the product or service than the agent. Such calls can quickly spiral into a negative experience for all involved, so it’s vital that call centres take the time and effort to train their agents well.

One of the reasons why telephone answering services have grown their bad reputation is that agents are unable to help customers effectively. Of course, new agents are unlikely to have the skills required to answer all calls, but training must be in place to ensure that everyone manning the phone can do so in an effective and high quality way. Training might seem like an added expense for many, but without it, customers will quickly see through poor scripting to realise that an agent has little or no knowledge of the service they’re trying to help with.

Training is also important for staff retention, and for those call centres that invest in their employees, the number of long-term workers is likely to rise. This is because employees feel valued and part of a team instead of short-term workers who have been given no real time or training. Unsurprisingly, long-term and experienced staff is far more likely to provide customers with top quality care and will learn the extra tips and tricks about fixing a problem that many newcomers wouldn’t know.

With customer care a top priority during 2013, training staff is essential. For those call centres that want to ensure the best possible service, educating agents and retaining workers is crucial.

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