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Executive buy-in essential for VoC changes

Data is extremely important for call centres, and using it correctly can help brands reach the next level. With Voice of the Customer (VoC) information, for example, telephone answering services can identify what callers really want and tailor their approach to go beyond people’s expectations. However, for any change to be successful, it is crucial to have executive buy-in.

In reality, asking department heads to change their practices or take on more work is never going to be an easy sell. Some executives might not understand the wider value for the company at stake. In fact, they may even believe that call centres only exist to deal with the problems they have created. Therefore, it is vital to seek buy-in from those who have a more holistic view of a company and brand.

Budd Managing Director Peter Massey knows the problem well. “CEO involvement is about more than project sponsorship; it’s about connecting up data and processes,” he said. “Most contact is derived from things that other parts of the business do, so it’s important that the CEO keeps other department leaders attending to contact too. That means all the problems they’re having as well as all the opportunities.”

To get buy-in, call centres need to be detailed about their expectations and collect routine contact examples from other departments to compare and identify areas where money can be saved. For example, other divisions may be spending on their own VoC schemes, effectively buying into the same service twice. By arming themselves with this data, those behind new VoC schemes can more easily gain executive buy-in and lead change to secure long-term success.

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