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Evolving customer service channels

As technology improves and evolves so does the way in which calls centre operate. Customers have become much more technology driven and as such  its no longer enough to offer just a 24h telephone answering service any more. The wide range of communication channels have meant that customers can now choose from email, chat, SMS and social media to inquire about services at different levels.

Obviously there are certain situations where personal interaction is required, giving the customers the chance to explain a situation or their requirements to an actual person can often be much beneficial

Non traditional interactions are more difficult to track, for example when using channels like twitter or facebook the business needs to have a form of social media monitoring and engagement tool to allow the capture of both tweets and the agents response statistics.

While for the rest of the world the use of SMS is a phrase used for a text, in the industry of call center services they are similar to web chat. Both SMS and email are message based forms of communication, phone calls in comparison is a connection based form, this is important when considering average handling times.

GoResponse can offer a bespoke service that allows you to pick the channels that best suit you and your business.

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