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Even the Police Outsource

UK police forces are looking to outsource IT services for money savings and efficiency.

Outsourcing may be a controversial topic, but when looked at in the correct way there are numerous benefits to the concept. Outsourcing is not just telephone answer services. It is also providing internet support to companies. The police, though a government body, is also an organization that needs to field calls, emails, and work on a network to get things done properly.

Home Secretary Theresa May stated that the UK police force spends £1.2 billion on IT. In the UK region there are 2,000 separate systems with 100 data centres, which create a complicated IT system. Outsourcing IT to one data centre that will be able to handle the entire system will not only save on money, but time. Police will be linked on one entire network rather than a few networks, so responses to queries will be faster. May stated the changes will be in place by 2012, with an impact on lowering costs showing up almost immediately.

Outsourcing IT is said to be in a growth period where the market could increase by 4.4% by 2015. Outsourcing IT for the police will be done in the UK to ensure proper security over outsourcing to India or other locations. In the past few years outsourcing call centres to India has become more expensive so companies are looking to outsource in their own country, according to the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. The Economic Times also agrees that outsourcing within the same country may become fashionable over outsourcing to India.

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