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Evaluation systems must change to ensure customer focus

Call CentreEvaluation systems used in businesses have traditionally focussed on the firm’s finances. All metrics were put in place to gain the most productivity and sales possible. However, in an era where customer priorities must be placed at the top of the leader board, call centres need to ensure that their evaluation systems focus on customers, not revenue.

There are many examples where telephone answering services help fulfil business objectives rather than ensuring customers are kept happy. Average Handling Time is one such metric. Instead of focusing on providing the best service possible, agents are tasked with the challenge of conducting calls as quickly as possible. This doesn’t always bode well for providing high quality consumer care because people might be rushed off the line before their enquiry is complete. This can lead to frustrated callers, individuals having to repeatedly contact companies, and lost business.

Although many call centres have already surpassed Average Handling Time metrics with more consumer-centric ones, it’s important to ensure that entire evaluation systems are skewed towards helping customers instead of bringing in revenue. Sales are a natural progression of good consumer care, and by ensuring that the needs of individual shoppers are met, companies can increase sales in a passive manner. With this type of consumer focus set to continue throughout 2016, making the right operational changes now is a good idea.

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