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Eureka Xchange earns top accolade

The Eureka Xchange from CallMiner has been named one of the top 10 technologies for call centres. The awards are determined after collating customer votes, making them some of the most impartial accolades in the world.

Collaboration has become an important part of any telephone answering services’ overall operations, helping to boost customer services quality as well as agent motivation. The Eureka Xchange is accessed via CallMiner’s online platform, EngagementOptimization.com. Users can find and download new categories for their analytical tools, including events, behaviours and characteristics. This allows call centres to bypass the development stage and jump directly to using categories to improve productivity.

CallMiner Chief Executive Terry Leahy said: “We are honoured that our customers’ passion for this technology helped us secure a place among the top 10 call centre technologies in 2017. Our suite of Eureka speech analytics products, including the Xchange, was created out of CallMiner’s deep rooted philosophy that highly impactful, engagement optimisation solutions start with a platform that is user friendly, intuitive in design, highly customisable and promotes low TCO user independence.”

Right now, the Eureka Xchange only offers categories that have been developed by CallMiner’s own analysts. However, in the future, users will be able to access downloads that have been built and modified by customers and CallMiner partners. The open source nature of the exchange allows for intelligence sharing to become dramatically quicker. It also breaks the traditional professional services-laden approach to developing speech analytical tools for call centre optimisation.

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