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EU data protection

Changes to call centres and outsourcing hubs are on the way with EU data protection proposals. The proposals are meant to solve telephone answering services and employee data issues that have cropped up recently. Arrangements with outsourcing companies have meant that some employee personal data is transferred to the client or supplier. Payroll, for example, that has been outsourced usually means employee data has been given to a third party.
The EU is mostly looking at employee data being shared and what they can do to shore up security. For companies using call centres this will be less of an issue, as long as employee data remains under lock and key at the main business. Still, there are changes coming for the data protection legislation that was first introduced in 1998. Now that it is 2012, the EU has decided that the regulations may need to change so that there is a single set of rules across Europe and the UK.
The EU also wants to make certain that fines are applied if any business is in non-compliance of the regulations with regard to any data sharing that may occur. Explicit consent will be requested should personal data need to be transferred to a third party. Furthermore, there will be notification requirements as part of the regulations that can affect how businesses are able to conduct business. Data protection officers will examine organisations to ensure that they are in compliance, meaning that outsourcing centres could see a visit from these officers.

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