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Estate agency firm implements speech analytics solution

Speech bubblesFoxtons, a leading estate agent in the south-east of England and London, has revealed plans to implement a speech analytics solution. CallMiner will give call centre staff a better understanding of their customers and provide insight into market trends and sales performance.

Many telephone answering services now use speech analytics because it provides companies with a way to gauge their customers’ opinions and feelings. This allows operational changes to be made that can boost performance and customer services. Foxtons’ use of EurekaLive and Eureka software will allow them to provide tenants, landlords, sellers, and buyers with a consistently high-quality service.

The IT director for Foxtons, Dan Rafferty, said: “Having the ability to look inside our customer interactions means that we can better serve our customers and gain an understanding of what our customers are saying to us every day. In addition, the ability to naturally discover what is trending on our calls, without having to define specific searches, will give us a competitive edge when it comes to spotting new trends in the market.”

By analysing speech patterns and customer phrases, call centres can identify problems early on. This gives them the chance to rectify issues before they become damaging. With Foxtons taking these benefits on board and implementing a solution, the advantages of these tools are being highlighted even more.

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