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Essential considerations for WFM integration

performance increaseModern technology has come a long way, and there are many tools that call centres can utilise to boost their performance. One such solution is a Workforce Management (WFM) service. However, before integrating these services, there are some essential considerations that executives need to think about.

First, it is vital for telephone answering services to compose an informed list of the required interfaces. This can be important when searching for vendors, ensuring that any new technology will integrate seamlessly with CTI, ACD, and other systems. In addition, it’s important to have some insights into the type of data to be used. WFM can utilise real-time or near real-time data, but the demand for such information can vary. For example, activity data might need to be up-to-the-minute, whilst offered calls for forecasting estimates might only be required every half an hour. There is also the question of how easy it is to import data, and this should be considered at any early stage.

Call centres that are thinking about utilising a WFM solution also need to consider the technological prerequisites of getting the integration to work. Connections on the ACD side need to be in place or companies might discover hidden costs in getting their WFM services to work. Sometimes connectors come as a separate add-on, so this needs to be integrated into budgets.

WFM tools can be important in modern business for companies that want to push their performance and excel in efficiency. However, the right research must be done prior to integration; otherwise, huge issues could be noted.

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