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Eradicating scripts can benefit call centre business

businessThere was once a time when scripting was big business in the call centre industry. By creating a carefully developed and precise script, managers and executives had full control over what their agents were saying to customers. However, as business has evolved and consumers have become more demanding regarding the level of care they receive, scripts can actually harm a telephone answering service’s reputation and hinder customer care.

Call centre scripts are good in the sense that they provide agents with a set framework and offer the right answers to people’s problems. However, all manner of issues are caused when customer queries are far from simple and require more complex engagement. At this stage, a rigid script can hinder agents in providing the best service.

For companies that are determined to stick to a script, it is essential that bespoke and dynamic scripting is embraced. Under such circumstances, scripts can adapt depending on the customer’s information, and they can also be based on someone’s full cross-channel engagement history. In addition to having step-by-step guides for agents to use, there should also be branching capabilities that allow for extended options to be accessed.

Modern business requires customers to be looked after better than ever before. Rigid, static scripts simply don’t answer this need any longer, and call centres must eradicate them if they wish to see service levels rise.

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