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Eradicating office disharmony helps reduce consumer complaints

Reducing complaints is a major part of call centre work, and whilst frontline agents attempt to solve customer problems, managers behind the scenes are often focussed on stopping issues from occurring in the first place. Now, Les Cooper, an expert in the telephone answering services and complaints sector, has said that many problems arise from disharmony amongst front and back offices.

It is generally agreed upon that reducing consumer effort should be given high priority as people want to be able to solve their issues as quickly and easily as possible. Customers calling to make a complaint don’t want to be left waiting around. In such a situation, the negative experience is often exacerbated.

In figures from the official Energy Ombudsman, it was shown that the first half of 2014 saw complaints soar to over 10,000, which was their highest level ever and more than double the previous six months’ figure. The majority of the complaints are related to billing. Despite the fact that utility company prices aren’t very competitive, these firms have to rely on customer services to set them apart.

One way in which both the energy sector and other call centres can provide better customer care and reduce the number or severity of complaints is to blend front and back offices. This means that frontline staff can engage across channels and be ready to switch to back office processes when required. It also gives employees a better view of the overall company, educating them as to why certain processes are done. For call centres that do this, a better customer experience can be provided.

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