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Eradicate nuisance calls to avoid costly fines

Worried Senior Woman Answering Telephone At HomeIt has been revealed that the ICO Fine Company has issued a £50,000 penalty to a home improvements company for making nuisance calls. The fine highlights the importance of avoiding nuisance calls at all costs and places the onus on call centres to improve quality standards.

The latest fine was issued to Nevis Home Improvements Ltd, who contacted consumers with a recorded message that promoted their services in energy-saving products. The investigation was prompted by 175 complaints. Investigators discovered that between May and August 2015, some 2,530,549 automated calls were made, 1,538,682 of which were connected.

Scotland’s Assistant Information Commissioner, Ken Macdonald, said: “More and more of our investigations involve companies that make unwanted recorded marketing calls. Six of our last eight fines have been for calls playing a recorded message. It’s time they got our message – if you don’t follow the rules, we will track you down and take action.”

Under current regulations, telephone answering services can only send out recorded messages to consumers who have given them prior permission to do so. In addition, messages must provide the identity of the caller. In both of these cases, Nevis Home Improvements was found to be negligible.

Since the new rules came into force in April 2015, the ICO has recorded a total of £2,035,000 in fines; this is up from £360,000 during the previous 12 months. For a large majority of companies, fines such as these have been welcomed as a way to eradicate unscrupulous businesses from the market and improve the branding and impression of the call centre industry overall.

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