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Ensuring team motivation in a call centre

Motivation is essential in a call centre team to ensure that the telephone answering service is running smoothly and efficiently.  There are several things that can be done to keep morale up in the workplace and it does not have to break the bank.  One of the first things is to break the monotony of the work.  A team that is dealing with a variety of call types might not have this problem, but those who are simply answering the phone to take messages will begin to lose interest over time.

Staff incentives in the workplace are always a good idea and a well-managed call centre will have various schemes in place that will not only help to motivate staff but will help them to feel appreciated.  This may include small bonuses and prizes for reaching targets.  Vary the incentives so that every member of the workforce can be considered.  They should not just be for reaching targets but can include titles such as “Friendliest Team Member” or “Most Dedicated Team Member.”  Ensuring that training is always up to date will also have the effect of preventing team members from feeling as though they have been left behind.

The working environment is also a point to consider.  The call centre has an image of being large airless rooms crammed with people all trying to answer the phone at once.  Most call centres are not like this.  They are clean areas with comfortable workspaces and this can also help team members to feel valued.

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