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Ensuring motivation when using a call centre team

Some business owners may be concerned about using call centres to handle telephone calls in case the customer meets with a surly or uncooperative agent.  Motivation can be a difficult thing to maintain in staff members that are not employed directly by the company.  In order to overcome this it is a good idea to make the call centre staff feel as though they are part of the team.

There are a number of ways to overcome this when using a telephone answering service.  Group targets can be set, which ensures that each member of the call centre team dealing with the calls can feel as though they are participating in teamwork.  Staff will then be working together instead of feeling as though they are being kept at arm’s length.  It is also important to make certain that each team member understands the company’s values so that they believe in them too.  This also helps the team to make the right impression when talking to the customer on the phone.

All employees should be made to feel as though they are important and that their contribution is important.  This will keep morale high and it is also a good idea to be approachable, so that every member of the call centre staff can put forward their thoughts.  All successes within the business should be shared as much as possible so that everyone appreciates the results of the contribution that they have made to the work.

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