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Ensuring Christmas recognition for staff has many benefits

Red balls silver tinsel christmas decorationsChristmas is right around the corner, and call centres across the nation are gearing up for the festive season. Recent surveys have discovered that feeling valued within a firm motivates staff to get more done at work. By giving telephone answering services agents a little recognition at Christmas, companies can help motivate their staff through the rest of the year.

A poll by Argos for Business found that two thirds of those asked said that being appreciated at Christmas can help increase their motivation through the working year. In fact, 43 per cent said that the reward of being valued at work actually beats pay rises and promotions. After questioning more than 7,000 workers, the research from Argos for Business detailed how retail vouchers are one of the best ways to reward staff because they allow people to buy what they really want. For call centres, this option also works well because it provides an easier way of budgeting Christmas gifts.

The Argos for Business managing director, Danny Clenaghan, said: “What’s interesting about our research is that Christmas rewards are actually remembered long after the festive season is over, bringing employees into a new year with a positive attitude that lasts the whole year.”

For call centres that want to boost and motivate their team, festive rewards are ideal. It might seem like an expensive outlay, but it can provide year-long benefits.


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