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Ensuring call centre cloud security is essential

An increasing number of call centres are utilising cloud services to give them quick and responsive tools to excel performance. However, it is vital that these systems are kept secure at all times to stay compliant with strict regulations. This means that telephone answering services need to adhere to a few tips to stay on track.

One of the things that call centres have to contend with is the place where their data is actually being held. For this reason, companies should be wary of using any cloud vendor who is not completely transparent regarding where information is stored. Call centres should not be afraid of asking questions, and it is important to note a business’s accreditation.

It is also a good idea to pay attention to compliance issues, and for this reason, routing card payments through a level one compliant cloud option is the best solution. This ensures staying PCI DSS compliant is made as easy as possible. Cloud systems should also offer good levels of encryption for stored voice recordings so that in the event that information is stolen from a service, it would be useless.

Finally, for those looking into cloud vendors for the first time, it is a good idea to use a hosted hybrid model as this provides the best of both private and public cloud networks. Using this process sees a vendor’s infrastructure rolled out onto a call centre’s local network with all data kept on-site. This offers greater security whilst utilising public cloud technologies.

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