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Ensure that call centres are protected against bad weather

WINTERWEATHERSome of Britain’s worst winter weather might still be yet to come. For many companies, this means that steps must be taken to ensure business can continue regardless of whether sleet and snow are seen. For call centres, which rely on agents being able to man their communication channels, it is vital to have bad weather procedures in place.

In winter 2010, nearly 124 million working hours were lost because of adverse weather across the nation. Therefore, it is incredibly important for telephone answering services to plan for the worst. Self-service solutions can lighten the load on agents considerably. When bad weather prevents people from getting to work, call centre traffic often increases due to consumers ticking off jobs on their to-do list. By having self-service options, many people can help themselves, meaning that agents aren’t inundated with calls.

Boosting multitasking ability in the call centre is also important. This can be done by developing mobile consumer apps that allow instant messaging. Agents can then respond to in-app requests whilst dealing with other problems. When dealing with text-based queries, including those on email and other channels, it is also a good idea to send automated responses with links to FAQs. By providing people with this information, many customers might be able to help themselves.

With colder weather imminent, it is vital to ensure that steps are in place so call centres can carry on regardless of the weather.

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