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Ensure customer contact is maintained for ongoing business

The call centre environment is often focused around building customer relationships in a bid to gain a sale and then provide immediate support for those who are using new products and services.  All too often, long-term customers are forgotten, and there is no priority placed upon speaking to existing clients and making sure that they are satisfied.  However, telephone answering services should not forget that customers can be a primary source of market research, feedback, renewals and upsells, making it vital to ensure that contact is maintained.

It is unsurprising that many companies strive to find new business all the time.  However, it is often a case that once a customer has been snared, they are forgotten.  The first 30 days after a sale is an important time, and call centres often go out of their way to ensure that new products and services are working correctly.  However, after this time, the urgency behind contact often falls.

This can be short sighted, as long-term customers can offer all manner of benefits.  Not only do companies have the chance to get renewals, cross-sells and upsells from their existing clientele, but they have access to a targeted market for research and feedback.  With customer care becoming increasingly important, it is vital to know what consumers think.  Therefore, by ensuring that contact is maintained with both existing and new product and service users, companies can optimise their income.

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