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Enjoy advanced call handling with hosted telephony

Cloud computing securityThe internet has neared ubiquity in modern life, and an increasing number of call centres are using the cloud to facilitate business operations. One technology that can be leveraged to the benefit of telephone answering services is hosted telephony. This brings increased functionality and flexibility, allowing companies to boost their efficiency while reducing the pressure on on-site hardware and software.

Hosted telephony has a number of benefits. First, call routing can be optimised so that employees are able to take calls regardless of where they are, thereby streamlining the consumer experience. Operational planning is made easier, and lines can be added or removed cheaply, thereby offering firms increased scalability options. There are also advanced call handling features. For example, call centre executives can check vital statistics using their smartphones, accessing real-time data on queue time or call volume.

In addition, some of the newer and more innovative hosted telephony solutions allow for system operations to be changed via mobile applications, helping firms to drill down into the core functions of their call centre. Being able to access these vital metrics through a simple web portal makes it easy to get a quick overview of operations. Call recording can also be added to hosted packages with ease.

Many modern firms are seeking innovative solutions to help them improve the way they do business. Hosted telephony tools are certainly one of these solutions, and they could help call centres take operational efficiency to the next level.


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