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Enhancements made to Zipwire Cloud Solution

Cloud computing, data storage on servers. Box with documents and a group of cloudsAspect Software has revealed that it has improved and enhanced its cloud-based contact centre, Zipwire. As the new Zipwire 3.10 update is rolled out, users will discover seamless integration between Oracle’s RightNow customer experience application and ZenDesk’s customer support software. In addition, new omnichannel reporting capabilities have been included.

Reporting for telephone answering services is only ever as good as the data a firm is using. Therefore, it is vital that information can be passed with ease between various applications for analysis so that actionable insights can be gained. Aspect already offers a continuity server that holds customer interaction data for numerous channels. Now, Zipwire will be able to provide a 360-degree view of any consumer’s journey.

Aspect Software’s senior vice president and chief customer strategy officer, Joe Gagnon, said: “The bar for exceptional customer experiences is continually rising and brands that do not meet the expectations of today’s digital-first consumers risk losing customer loyalty on a significant scale. Zipwire’s enhancements now provide the ability to produce a full, contextual view of a customer’s experience across voice, text, social and self-service and drive improvement with detailed actionable insights.”

Gagnon added that call centres are now able to keep their customers satisfied because it is easier to stay on top of all interactions.

With its array of functions, Zipwire can provide companies with a way to offer a seamless, first-class omnichannel thanks to the secure, scalable and flexible features of Aspect’s cloud system. This means that people can expect the best quality service, regardless of whether they are using live agent assistance, self-service, or moving between the two channels.

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