GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Engaging with agents will optimise personnel performance

The efficiency of a call centre ultimately falls to its front-line staff and the people that are answering the phone.  It is, therefore, vital to ensure that all call centre employees have the best training possible so that they can effectively manage customer calls and deal with enquires with as little support as possible.  Aside from investing in training and development, actively engaging with telephone answering services staff can help facilitate ongoing learning.

Communication between agents in call centres is vital if all employees are to work to the same levels.  Each employee’s approach to answering calls will be slightly different, but ensuring that everyone has enough experience and knowledge to effectively deal with callers must remain a top priority.  Providing feedback and supporting agents is, therefore, essential, allowing people to stay motivated; a feeling that will result in positivity also being passed onto callers.

Another way of ensuring that everyone is on the same page is to develop an intranet where agents and management staff can post messages and updates.  Information can be categorised and shared with specific levels of priority.  Intranets can often work far better than internal emails, with staff automatically logging on and reading the latest updates when they start work.

Ensuring that call centre staff are working efficiently is vital for anyone wanting to outsource their telephone answering work to another company.  By noting whether agent engagement is high, business leaders will be able to ascertain just how efficient a contractor is working.

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