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Engage speech analytics to boost business

201004192 1For many call centres, speech analytics remains a fairly new tool. Therefore, it is essential for telephone answering services to make sure they are using it in the right way to make the most of its features.

Companies that use speech analytics need to have clearly outlined goals from the outset. It is important not to try to chase every opportunity. Instead, it is better to focus on two or three areas at the beginning.

Once the priorities have been decided upon, call centres need to build a balanced team with a mix of talents. These teams require leaders who are educated in speech analytics, technical experts, marketing specialists, and communicators who understand the various nuances of language.

One great feature of speech analytics is that they can be perfectly aligned with company strategies. For example, they can directly feed into promoting positive customer contact and resolving issues quickly. The best teams will also run call analytics alongside other call monitoring activities. Even though the analytical tool can help to automate the core call process, it is essential to continue listening to calls and tweaking solutions where necessary.

Finally, all call centres using speech analytics should be prepared for a certain amount of trial and error. The tool will be embedded at the very heart of business operations, so it will become vital to continuously improve the system, resolve issues and move on to the next hurdle in order to optimise call analytics.

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