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Energy firms failing to satisfy customers

It has been reported that energy providers are failing to supply customers with high quality care.  Call centres looking to boost their performance can use this sector’s failings to address their own needs and ensure that they offer the best customer service possible.

In the latest survey from Aspect, it was shown that just 7% of consumers in the UK who have used energy providers’ care services have received a good experience.  Soaring prices, alongside consumer ambivalence, are driving people’s hatred for companies, resulting in many customers hopping around from one company to the next.  When consumers were asked about how satisfied they were with customer care from utility providers, 37% expressed they were neutral.  Meanwhile, 26% of people said that if they did experience bad care, they would cancel their contract and move to a competitor.  This was backed up by statistics showing that 69% of those who have switched in the past year have done so because of poor customer service with their previous provider.

Mark King, a senior vice president for Aspect, said: “It should be concerning to providers in the utilities sector that customers are not engaging with them, especially with such a commodity and considering that the only differentiator they have against their competitors is the customer service provided.  Electricity and gas suppliers should take note as to how easy it is for consumers to switch, and not lean on the fence when it comes to making them happy.”

The latest statistics have shown telephone answering services just how important providing good customer care is.  Failure to do so can result in consumers quickly moving to competitors.

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