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Encouraging team leader feedback boosts business operations

New ideaFor many companies, there is a tendency amongst floor managers and team leaders to stick rigidly to learned operational processes, and this also applies to call centres. Individuals stick with what they know because they do not want to rock the boat or appear unpopular. However, encouraging people to provide feedback and new ideas can work in a company’s favour and revolutionise outdated practices.

Progress requires new thinking and ideas. Without it, telephone answering services can become stuck in the past, and many of their procedures might become stale, especially when they are compared to the competition. For firms that want to avoid this, it is essential to seek new thinking.

Some of the best people to offer the right sort of feedback to are those who work with operational processes on a daily basis and understand how positive change might be achieved. Team leaders and floor personnel are ideal, not only because they are dealing with agents, but because they also have a higher knowledge of background administration. Therefore, call centres should make a habit of involving these senior staff members in meetings, especially those based on recurring issues.

Of course, not all ideas are going to make the cut, and companies should be prepared to make some investment into plans that do not actually result in the desired outcome. However, this is part of the nature of facilitating change, and decision-makers should not be scared of it. By encouraging regular feedback and new ideas, business can optimise their processes and evolve with the ever-changing marketplace.

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